Superconscious Writing

The proof is in the pudding, I am sharing some of my own personal secrets on how I work with my Superconscious almost daily. This is known as “The Alpha State.” We cannot manifest through our subconscious.

I have practised Alpha for seven years, and like most things, the more you practice something, the more adept you become. There are universal laws to adhere to, as karma plays a big part in the way we manifest. It works. I have used this method since 2007!

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Short Stories “Watch This Space”

The Butterfly Messenger

Written & Illustrated by Greta Jourdane


There are many unexplained things in life that happen to us as individuals, and only we can make sense of them, because they hold a special message for us.

Some of the most beautiful stories are never told. “The Butterfly Messenger is an etherial story of two people who meet in the corridor of a hospital.

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About The Author

Hiya, What are your thoughts in general about diverse writing? Music – art and writing are all creative, we all have the ability to do one or the other or all three, creating an even more diversified mix, to create something unique and different in the way we express our passion for life.  One of the most dissapointing factors I have witnessed is when creativity has been stifled by structure. It’s is a free spirit in itself, it’s a living being and we need to feed our creativity. It cannot be tamed, and it will not flourish if it is stifled by rules, and styles, rehashed by others, because a certain style of writing happens to be fashionable at the time. Being unique to yourself will keep you strong and you won’t feel the need to compete with others in keeping up with the Joneses. What type of writer am I? I’m most certainly a diversified writer, one who is guided by the heart and also my  superconscious mind. :)

There is one other passion I have had for many years, based on compassion. “Animal Equality,” and an end to the exploitation of animals that suffer at the hands of humans. I have been a member of Animals Australia for many years, also Animal Liberation, and part of a community called 269Life.

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Greta is Currently finishing off a few illustrations for her compilation of short stories, titled “ Things I Did When No One Was Watching.”

The Deadly Side Of Compassion, as Greta explained to me once, “Everything has two sides, from inanimate objects to living beings, right down to situations and circumstances. Liken all of this to a pancake, which appears flat, yet it still has two sides which are quite different to each other, therefore it’s fair to say that life is “two faced.” Even compassion is a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and comes with “warnings” that are invisible, and even when they are recognised, they’re as fine as a hair that may fall from our head, and we don’t notice.

As humans we have two conflicting sides, which can be obvious at different times, hence the name given as having a split personality comes to mind. What if I said we have more than two sides. These are known as sub personalities used in creating characters in novel writing. Sub personalities aren’t visible to others, in everyday life, they are usually known to be created somewhere in early childhood, and sometimes not obvious even to the individual themselves, and may come out in characters in books we write. This is a very in depth subject,  I will have to stop here. Getting back to one of the stories in Greta’s book The Deadly Side of Compassion. The title of this particular short and gently written poignant story speaks for itself.

Individual Writing Style

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