Conscious Awakening

There is a lot of controversy on “how” you should write. Infact I have encountered so much “information” on the “how” and “how not” to write, that it becomes overwhelming, and far to often you don’t bother to put pen to paper. It all just seems to be plain old “too  hard.”

We are Drowning in “information” and “starving” for “knowledge”

After struggling with my self esteem, fear, and worrying about what people would think of me, and what I wrote about,  I had become so overwhelmed by writing gurus I was sick of it all, it just seemed to mess me up even more, and I found I never begun. I started procrastinating for months and years. I began writing my “autobiography,” and around  halfway through writing it, I became disjointed in a way that, it became so intricate and complex, that instead of it being a pleasure as writing ought to be, it started to become a chore.

I realised something was wrong. Shortly afterwards I was rushed off to the intensive care after suffering a heart attack in 2013. Three months later I was “again’ rushed in via ambulance for an emergency operation for a blockage in the stomach. I had never felt so much physical pain. I had a “double  whammy” in the space of just under one month. I had two and a half long weeks laid up in intensive care with nothing to do but “think.” That I did and very deeply about my life and where I was now headed.

When I arrived home it was going to take me over one year to recover, and I was on a walker for 2 months. I now have a huge ugly scar on my belly seven inches long. Why am I saying this. Not out of self pity. You see I was not suppose to live, and I did. When a person faces death twice in such a short space of time, and you have survived twice, your thinking changes completely. Your self esteem goes up, you begin to really see your very own worth. I mean heck – I was given two more chances for crying out loud how good was that? The first one didn’t quite do it, yet the second one did. I saw them as lessons that I needed to learn in order for me to be able to turn my life around, and realise I had  my own power to create and manifest. Although I had previously completed a mind empowering course in 2007, I was given another chance to awaken to my own consciousness

All that stress and overwhelm about writing and other things had disappeared. It’s as if a slate had been wiped clean. The fear of writing had gone completely and so I just began. I closed the door on my autobiography, realising it wasn’t the time to start this yet, I had plenty of time for that. Instead I began a compilation of “short stories.” I realised that there is an audience for all kinds of different genre’s. I began writing from the heart as some people would call it. I call this - “writing from your Superconscious mind.”

There are ways to tap into the power of your mind. I learned this in 2007 when I attended an “Alpha Dynamics of Australia course, it was fabulous, the whole experience was sublime. It had been one of the best gifts I could ever give myself and little did I know I that it would give me the independent power of “self” that I would require in order to become a unique author. More often than not it takes a life and death situation which causes us to finally surrender to the power we hold within ourselves. We are sovereign beings, we have the power to create, to change, to go fourth and forward. You have tremendous power yet only 90% of people realise this. We have come here to do more than just “one thing.”

We all have a fountain of youth, and it’s in your head. It’s called “The Superconscious.”

We have more than one purpose. Think of the things you did when you were – say – twenty, and you had no idea what you may be doing at thirty five. We are constantly changing and our ablities change, I was once a cleaner, then a spray painter, a model, a truck driver, an office worker and a parent just to name a few. I have had various roles to play over the decades, and now I am an author and artist, illustrating my books. I had no idea earlier I would be doing this now. So you see we have many different lives, and as life and technology and the generations change, we are now what is known as “jacks of all trades and masters of none.” It’s exactly what we need to be these days a little of everything, where thirty years ago, to be a jack of all trades meant you were not a skilled person, and your parent’s wouldn’t have wanted you bringing home a guy who was a jack of all trades. Now it’s welcome with open arms. So that proves we are in an ever changing world.

As our life takes us on through the years all those purposes become apparent. My que to change direction was the “intensive care ward.” It is not always this drastic for some people, yet for me it had to be a a severe swerve.  Writing is a good way of income generation, all you need is a broadband connection and a laptop, or iPad, Most of the androids are now capable of what an iMac can do. You can take your skill anywhere in the world. You can still write when your very old and requires little effort. It’s fun and challenging in many ways. Awaken your consciousness.

I did this Alpha Dynamics of Australia mind power course over a four day period. If you would like to open the gate to self empowering your life, please visit the website of  Alpha Dynamics of Australia.

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Love Letters

These are what novels are based on, real life events, and letters of love found in an attic in an old 1940′s suitcase. I’m pleased to say I kept all these letters. The paper is noticeably finer than that of paper today. I have enough material here to keep me going for the next 100 years or more.

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Book Trailer

Yes and I’m so darn excited about it. What a buzz  it is working with a small film crew on a book trailer for “Things I Did When No One Was Watching.” So be sure to “watch this space” in the coming weeks as the excitment builds up. Pre launch….so be sure to “subscribe” to our mailing list for updates.

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Do Nothing With Your Life & You Won’t Be Targeted

Don’t Want To Be Misunderstood? Don’t Be Great, according to Peter James Sinclair of “Motivational Memo” and I certainly have to agree with him. Are you seeking an upgraded version of you. Lets see what Peter says! :)

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Fifty Shades of Writing

Think you need a great imagination to be a writer? not necessarily. However what you do need is courage to shovel all of your secret thoughts “out,” and be prepared for the “action” to take place. Never dumb yourself down.

What genre sells? Good question. I don’t really think anyone has the real answer to this one, and it’s certainly NOT one genre is popular with the world, but what I do know is this… people love being shocked & terrified They love to be made to “feel” something or moved by a story or novel.

You can write about anything you like and make it a moving experience, where it grips the reader.  Take the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Yes I read it, and my opinion of the story seemed like “Mills & Boon” with sex.

Perhaps they felt the book was so poorly written that they had to make a movie out of it just to give it an extra push. Seriously one of my favourite movies is “Gone With the Wind,” not because of my age. The story had depth and precision, not to mention the beautiful costumes of the time, and it made the imagination work.

Anyhow, I’m not giving away all of my secrets of passion just yet because I would like your feedback.

*  Have you

*  Ever wanted to be a writer

*  Need the Courage to start

*  Worried about bad grammar & spelling

*  Worried about what people will think if you write about your secret passions

Once you’ve read my book “Things I Did When No one was watching,” you’ll find the courage to begin your journey as a writer. Emotions don’t usually go anywhere, no one ever see’s them, they’re invisible. I use my emotions to create they are a tool of the trade. Allow them flow freely.

New trailer to the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

I love honest feedback so go on don’t leave me to talk to myself here…

Watch Trailer here

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