The Person Who Will Change Your Life Is YOU

The reason for creating this blog, was to share some of life’s experiences which gave me inspiration to become a writer and author. So much of what I write about, will resonate with many of you, in knowing life can appear to be simple, yet it is not for so many of us who continuously face financial hardship, loneliness, phobia’s caused by stress and trauma, and a “bum steer” which began my life’s journey has taught me so much – mainly about “myself good and not so good,” those experiences have been my measuring stick and stepping stones to some of the wisdom I have gleaned over time.

I am not much different to you, the only difference lies in the fact that I had decided to share my pain and struggle, and not to keep quiet about it. Most of all, I have finally had the courage to overcome “dyslexia, ADHD and my traumatic past life.  It has taken me years upon years just to get this far in having the courage within to step outside myself and my known comfort zones to allow myself permission to be heard.

Growing a “thick skin” is something I needed to obtain in order to put my vulnerable self out there knowing I am exposed to judgment, ridicule, and mockery. Indeed I had to actually “LEARN” to love “ME.” I needed to realise that I too was as important to this existence as anyone I had put above my own needs and opinions. Women are often very good at becoming invisible, we do this well. The old belief system where society insisted pressurising women to put others needs before their own, allowed our male counterparts to shirk these qualities that women have taken soul charge of through their need to feel adequate as a human beings. We can fall into this trap in different ways. As you will read in my new book “The Things I did When No One Was Watching.” The last story about “Joyce” and the lessons learned where my own guilt of never feeling worthy of my own existence caused me to fall down a pit hole. It was not until I had realised that my efforts had been in vain, did I stop and see that it was a case of “the blind leading the blind.” I was in no position to help Joyce, because I had not allowed me to help me first, therefore as most people who need help themselves, they get into bother trying to help others.. sound familiar?”

I had not acknowledged self. I used the mirror to put on make up and do my hair, never really taking special time out to really connect with that person who had become invisible. The one I had neglected, wanted to be my hero but I had ignored her needs, hushing her up, telling her she was not the focus of attention. This was the person who was eventually going to change my life. She was under my nose all along, how did I not see her?

How I connected to self and became visible “yes visible.” When we don’t see ourselves we others become more important and we loose ourselves in the overgrowth. Use a mirror to find yourself, thats the real tool. the person who will change your life is looking back at you in a mirror!

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New Light Through Old Windows

I often wonder how many who have reached 50+ view their lives upon looking back in time? I’m begining to think all our lives are lived whilst upon the earth. I asked my 87 year old mother the other day. “Imagine if someone had walked into the bookstore where you were working when you were 19 – handed you a pair of magical binoculars that gave you an exact insight beyond the next 60 years of your life.”

Imagine seeing yourself walking around a Westfield shopping mall and seeing people everywhere on mobile phones and walking into a cafe with a middle – aged woman with greying hair.  ”Who on earth is this older woman?” you blurt. “Your daughter.” Like the film “Back to the Future, starring Michael J Fox.  If we could see ahead I’m sure most of us couldn’t get our head around it. We are all living in the moment whether we know it or not.

So now I have come to a point in time where I can look back on my own life like chapters of a book, or different lives. This has given me such a great insight into writing fiction based on truth. Three years ago I began writing an autobiography. It became almost impossible continuing to write it, therefore I put it aside. I had realised that no one apart from my family  really knew who I was, and publishing a bio wouldn’t  do much for me or anyone else. (The full bio can wait)

A Bit At A Time

Having several books to write keeps you focused on yourself and as selfish as that sounds it really isn’t. By being focused on oneself in a healthy manner enables you to help others just by simply sharing what you have experienced good and bad and all the bits in between. This makes for compelling writing in my own opinion. As I mentioned. by chopping up my autobiography into individual books based on my own life’s events over the past 58 years, it’s giving me more work to do, a bit at a time, instead of a whole bio, then – what do I write about after I have completed it?

If you want to be a well known writer I suggest you begin writing novels taken from your real life events. It may include pets, family or why not make it really fun and write a colourful novel about the black sheep of the family, perhaps it was you, “even better.” All your writing material is within your life chapters, and anyone can do it. All you need is a blog like this one too get yourself out there. Once you have written books and articles your autobiography may be interesting to those who have enjoyed reading your previous material.

Some of you may know the struggles I had in the dim dark ages of an archaic school system which didn’t support female students, and lefthandedness was seen as a social crime, as with anyone suffering from ADHD  and Dyslexia in which there was no knowledge of in those days. Then being marched off to the commonly known term back then “the Murderhouse.”

Instead I decided to take parts out of the chapters of my life and turn them into short stories, and illustrated novels. (perhaps the full bio can wait a while)

In the meantime I would like your thoughts on this article. Do you have something to add to this?

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Superconscious Writing

The proof is in the pudding, I am sharing some of my own personal secrets on how I work with my Superconscious almost daily. This is known as “The Alpha State.” We cannot manifest through our subconscious.

I have practised Alpha for seven years, and like most things, the more you practice something, the more adept you become. There are universal laws to adhere to, as karma plays a big part in the way we manifest. It works. I have used this method since 2007!

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Hiya, What are your thoughts in general about diverse writing? Music – art and writing are all creative, we all have the ability to do one or the other or all three, creating an even more diversified mix, to create something unique and different in the way we express our passion for life.  One of the most dissapointing factors I have witnessed is when creativity has been stifled by structure. It’s is a free spirit in itself, it’s a living being and we need to feed our creativity. It cannot be tamed, and it will not flourish if it is stifled by rules, and styles, rehashed by others, because a certain style of writing happens to be fashionable at the time. Being unique to yourself will keep you strong and you won’t feel the need to compete with others in keeping up with the Joneses. What type of writer am I? I’m most certainly a diversified writer, one who is guided by the heart and also my  superconscious mind. :)

Greta is Currently finishing off a few illustrations for her compilation of short stories, titled “ Things I Did When No One Was Watching.”

Another Side Of Compassion, as Greta explained to me once, “Everything has two sides, from inanimate objects to living beings, right down to situations and circumstances. Liken all of this to a pancake, which appears flat, it still has two sides which are quite different to each other, therefore it’s fair to say that life is “two faced.” Even compassion is a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and comes with “warnings” that are invisible, and even when they are recognised, they’re as fine as a hair that may fall from our head, and we don’t notice.

As humans we have two conflicting sides, which can be obvious at different times, hence the name given as having a split personality comes to mind. What if I said we have more than two sides. These are known as sub personalities used in creating characters in novel writing. Sub personalities aren’t visible to others, in everyday life, they are usually known to be created somewhere in early childhood, and sometimes not obvious even to the individual themselves, and may come out in characters in books we write. This is a very in depth subject,  I will have to stop here. Getting back to one of the stories in Greta’s book Another Side of Compassion. The title of this particular short and gently written poignant story speaks for itself.

Individual Writing Style

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